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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 20, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i never thought about hearing there was a train coming. >> a train hits and kills a teenager in san leandro as witnesses try to warn her to get out of the way. >> some kids need a good throttling. let's be honest about it. >> a bay area mother is out on bail after she allegedly assaulted a boy she says was bullying her daughter. >> he was real close. >> the ntsb is calling it a near midair collision. a plane was taking off from newark liberty international airport while another from san francisco was landing when they almost crashed . from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, may 20. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:clock. breaking news this morning in san jose. two cars torched under the cover of darkness and it's all caught on camera. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live
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from the city's evergreen area with disturbing surveillance footage. >> reporter: these guys didn't know they were on camera but we'll get to that in a second. the front of the house shows where the cars were parked. san jose has taken the cars as evidence because this is a crime scene. they say this is arson. i want to show you some of the fire extinguishers on the porch. that's where the homeowner tried to run out and put this blaze out by himself. the blaze at one point was probably 15 to 20 feet with flames into the air. this could have had a tragic ending. but with the surveillance camera, this just might have a happy ending. we have that video for you now. it shows the arsonist creeping up on the car while trying hide amongst the trees. he is wearing a hoodie, it's dark and he thinks nobody can see him but he is on a camera equipped with night vision. the arsonist empties a whole bottle of lighter fluid on the windshield of the homeowner's car and uses an aerosol can and lighter to start the blaze.
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it takes 25 minutes for the car to be engulfed. the fire department got here around 2:30 put it out before it spread to the house. interests minor damage to the front of the house. the homeowner has this warning for the arsonist. >> san jose pd will do their job. this is not the first time the family has been hit. back in november, they were burglarized and then in april and may vince had his tires punctured and then in april and may after that, he had a tire punctured and then paint dumped on his car. so there's a pattern of attacks on this. -- as far as motive, the homeowners and investigators have a good idea of who did it but they are not saying who. live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> the homeowner says even though his home has been the target of the crime, several neighbors have been concerned enough to get their own security systems.
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let's check traffic with liz. >> we're doing okay unless you're coming through the santa cruz mountains and then folks there are stuck in a backup but better news. they did get all lanes open within the last few minutes. this is the latest tweet from "kcbs traffic" showing you the delays around glenwood. it was four to five-car crash that had been blocking both lanes just north of the summit so these are just residual delays heading into los gatos. all lanes are, you know what, that is all lanes open. ignore that -- ignore your screen. that's all lanes open now eastbound 80 approaching 7th street. so this accident is actually cleared. want to make that very clear right now if you heading on the sky by and on the lower deck of the bay bridge. at the bay bridge toll plaza, coming into san francisco the metering lights are turned on at 5:50 so just about 15 minutes ago and traffic backs up to the foot of the maze. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." lawrence, we still have that high wind advisory in effect
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for the bay bridge, as well. >> yeah. getting pretty breezy outside right now. i think those winds again kicking up this afternoon. this could be a very interesting day. the core of the area of low pressure moving overhead right now. and look at that rotating over the bay area. bringing some showers and snow into the high country. winter weather advisories toward yosemite could see upwards of three inches of snow across the high country. hi-def doppler radar showing you things fairly quiet although we have seen a couple of scattered light showers picking up just in parts of the south bay and also sliding into parts of the east bay, as well. so, yeah, things going to be a little unsettled today. it's going to be widely scattered and there's a slight chance of a thunderstorm. out the door over the bay broken clouds right now and the temperatures running generally into the 50s. by the afternoon it will be breezy. you will see a mixture of sun and clouds. maybe an isolated shower or thunderstorm, too. temperatures going to stay cool near the coastline, 50s and 60s there. 60s and 70s in the valleys. that's the latest forecast, guys. back to you. >> thank you, lawrence. we have some developing news over in the east bay now. a teenager killed by a train
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may have never heard coming. kpix 5's mark kelly is in san leandro this morning where the young woman was killed yesterday evening by a train. mark. >> reporter: frank, family and friends tell us that brittney silva just 18 years old, she was a senior at san leandro high school, this is a memorial that the family created for her. she was just about to graduate and they say she was accepted into every college she applied to. we here at kpix 5 actually interviewed brittney and her mom just last month after an explosion in this neighborhood that they were witnesses to. now, they live in this neighborhood not too far from these railroad tracks the same tracks where a train struck and killed brittney at 6:00 last night. family and friends showed up last night to create this makeshift memorial. police say the witnesses saw her walking along hesperian boulevard yesterday evening. one man yelled out to her to warn her of an approaching train, but police say she couldn't hear because she had headphones on. by the time police arrived, they say she was already dead.
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her body found about 50 yards away from where she was hit by that amtrak. kpix 5 spoke to britney's mom last night. >> i told her one if i have not told her a million times you always leave one bud out of your ears so you can hear the surroundings around you and never be walking and paying attention to your phone. you always want to hear somebody running up on you. i never thought about hearing if there's a train coming. >> this lady walks in and she has all this skin hanging off and and she is screaming like help me, she jumped into my bat tab. >> reporter: that's an interview we had with brittney silva we had with kpix 5 last month. silva and her mother witnessed the aftermath of an explosion at a homeless camp near their home. the burn victim showed up at the silva home asking for help. now brittney was struck and killed by an amtrak train last night. >> mark, a question. were the railroad crossing lights working at the time?
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>> reporter: it was working fine . the arms were functioning properly. the lights were on. and there were no other reports of any other injuries. live in san leandro, mark kelly, kpix 5. two passenger planes nearly collided in midair last month above a busy east coast airport and one of the planes was coming from san francisco. cbs reporter marlie hall has the newly released details. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board is calling the april 24 incident at newark liberty international airport a near midair collision. >> this could have been an absolute catastrophic and horrific event. >> according to the ntsb report, a united boeing 737 from san francisco was coming in for landing and an express jet flight headed to memphis was preparing to take off on an intersecting runway. the planes were reportedly about 200 feet apart laterally and about 400 feet apart vertically. air traffic controllers told
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the united flight to aboard its landing. >> 1243 go around. traffic off your left departing. >> at that point, the other aircraft recognized that it needed --even though he was in the air he could not climb so kept his nose level. >> put the nose down, real close. real close, sir. >> reporter: the united flight was carrying 161 people while the express jet flight had 50 on board. marlie hall cbs news. >> the incident occurred where two runways in newark go north to south intersecting with runways that go east and west. a sonoma county woman is currently free on bail but stands accused of assaulting a boy she says was bullying her daughter. delia garcia bratcher also known as betty went to santa rosa's olivet elementary school at lunchtime friday. she said the boy harassed her daughter and the used a racial slur against native americans. >> i don't want you messing with my daughter. leave my daughter alone. she's a girl. leave her alone. you don't need to be picking on her.
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>> garcia's attorney disputes the sheriff's departments allegation that his client put her hands around the 12-year- old boy's neck and assaulted him. garcia-bratcher is due back in court thursday. the mayor of one central california city believes the term bullying is a cliche. the porterville mayor cameron hamilton had this to say at a recent city council meeting about a plan to establish safe zones for teens bullied after school. >> i'm against bullying but i'm getting [ censored ] and tired of it being used as a mantra for for everything and the ills of the world when --when all most people have to do is grow a pair. >> well -- >> and stick up for them [ censored ] selves. >> it is hard --it is hard to stand up and grow a pair when you're maybe a 10-year-old little girl. >> hamilton was the only one on the council who voted against further discussion of bullying safe zones.
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developing news about the nigeria schoolgirls. a member of the terror group talked with cbs news. he said they have everything they need. kidnappers have threatened to sell the girls into slavery but that won't happen because they were forced to convert to islam fro christianity. >> what's going to happen to these girls? [ indiscernible ] the united states is using manned and unmanned spy planes to find the girls. we now know which subcontractor made every may have started the fire in the mission bay neighborhood. the fire back in march destroyed a 172-unit housing complex under construction. fire officials say the company involved with tc steel out of petaluma its workers apparently
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doing hot welding work at the site on 4th street. the company is fined $1,000 for violating fire code. 6:11. the dictionary is growing. the new word being added to this year's vocabulary. >> reporter: live from fire station 25 in castro valley, good morning, everyone, roberta gonzales with the alameda county firefighters. we're talking about the dry conditions heading into the holiday with mobile weather. >> low pressure spinning right overhead, could we see some thunderstorms today? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we did get the "all clear" right now. on eastbound 80 heading on the skyway we'll have all your traffic cameras and show you the drive to work. we want to know what drives you crazy during your morning commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. ,,,,,,,,
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added to the dictionary this year, including catfish, crowdfunding, trending now, webster's dictionary. 150 new words will be added to the dictionary this year including catfish, "crowdfunding" and baby bump. mick jagger the front man for the rolling stones is now a great-grandfather. ray jay. the singer supposedly [ indiscernible ] kim kardashian four months profit from the sex tape he made in 2007. he was the 40th anniversary of the rubiks cube yesterday. twitter users are coming up with their own twists on classic toys like renewable energy source rangers instead of power rangers. follow us on twitter at #cbssf. >> mick jagger 70 with seven children and a great- grandfather and still rocking and rolling. >> and he still has it.
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>> still looks good. great-grandfather. all right. let's go outside to petaluma. first reports of an injury crash. so this could be out there for a while. we'll let you know. we know the fast lane is blocked. it's in the commute direction southbound 101 approaching petaluma boulevard south and our sensors just started to slow behind the accident. so obviously there's some activity there still in lanes. the rest of marin county though everything looks good flowing through novato, san rafael. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge and they do have four southbound lanes open now in the commute direction so yeah, everything is quiet there. not so quiet at the bay bridge unfortunately. 5:50 this morning, that's when they turned the metering lights on. you can see the delays in all lanes now the cash and the fastrak. it is backed up solidly through the maze and as well they have the high wind advisory still in effect for the bay bridge. gosh, several bridges still have the high wind advisory in effect including the carquinez, benicia, dumbarton, can't think of all of them but you get the drill but it's windy.
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and here's a live look at the nimitz freeway in oakland. 880 these taillights that's traffic moving northbound and it's only 15 minutes now between 238 and the maze. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." i peeked over and lawrence has his hi-def doppler out so something is going on. >> i'm probably not going to be able to use this very often for a few months so this is nice to see now. we have our hi-def doppler tracking the storm system. low pressure is spinning overhead and our hi-def doppler is picking up rain most of that over the mountaintops now in toward the santa cruz area but also looking toward fremont. scattered showers there. not going to see widespread rainfall but widely scattered showers and maybe an isolated thunderstorm. today a mixture of sun and clouds. the possibility of a few scattered showers and maybe an isolated thunderstorm. then things settle down as early as tomorrow and much warmer weather ahead especially into the holiday weekend. but today the core of that low spinning right across the bay area and continuing to move on
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out. by tomorrow that will head east. and then things will begin to settle down. if you head to the high country be prepared. winter weather advisories up there toward yosemite, could see maybe three inches of snow above 7,000 feet. so tioga pass could be iffy for today. computer models picking up on moisture. looks heavier into the central valley with the possibility of thunderstorms there and then settling down toward tomorrow maybe just some fog beginning to move into the bay area. site 70s in the east bay and inside the bay 60s toward the afternoon. your sunrise time 5:56. sunset 8:17. next couple of days, return to more sunshine and, well, calming the weather down. in fact, toward the holiday weekend, a lot of folks like to go camping this next weekend. i think it's going to be beautiful weather if you want to stay at home. 70s toward the beaches. that looks good. >> it does. we like it. >> we'll be camping this year
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hanging out. >> lots of sunscreen. >> okay, mom, dad. thank you very much. [ laughter ] 6:18. the most destructive of the san diego wildfires is expected to be contained by thursday. about a dozen fires started a week ago in populated brushland. most are contained. together though they destroyed 44 homes, apartment building and two businesses. one fire was caused by a spark from construction equipment. the cause of the other fires under investigation. dangerously dry conditions ongoing issue for firefighters right here in the bay area. kpix 5 reporter roberta gonzales is in castro valley with more on that. good morning, roberta. >> reporter: good morning, frank. it's currently 54 degrees right here at the alameda county fire station 25. come here, i want to show you something. this is so cool. this is engine 25. this is truck 25. what's the difference? this one has a ladder. this one pumps water. but over here i want you to see this. we have an off road engine.
6:20 am
this one just returned from san diego where it assisted fighting the fires. battalion chief alan evans joins me this morning. how many people did we send to san diego? >> 5 engines and 20 firefighters. >> reporter: they just got in last night? >> they did. they got back around 10:00 last night and they're still sleeping before they come back to work today. >> reporter: yes. so thank you for joining us here. now, what did you all take away from that experience in southern california that we can learn from and apply here in northern california? >> the vegetation is extremely dry. we're two to three months ahead of schedule that we're seeing conditions in august that are here in may. >> reporter: fire season ever ended, did it? >> never ended. >> reporter: how long have you been a firefighter? >> 30 years. >> reporter: born and raised in this area? >> yes. >> reporter: have you ever seen it this dry? >> no, this is the worst. >> reporter: what can we do? >> we can make sure that we have a good defensible space around our homes. >> reporter: yes. and especially because we have
6:21 am
this threat of thunder and lightning in the forecast? >> absolutely. today and tomorrow we're expecting dry lightning. >> reporter: and more dry hot conditions for the holiday weekend. you want more information, visit us online at reporting from station 25 in castro valley with mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. >> thank you, roberta. coming up, a san francisco student gets a public apology from her catholic high school. how students rallied to get her school photo back in the yearbook. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, could anybody rescue the thunder last night against that well oiled spurs machine? and why california chrome can breathe much easier this morning. it's all straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone. the state of new york does not allow their racehorses to wear nasal strips but yesterday officials caved to california chrome. the owners claim that they would not let their horse compete in next month's belmont if they did not allow the horse to wear a strip over his nose. well, with the triple crown on the line they relaxed their stance on it. california chrome won six straight races using the strip. game one of the western conference finals. game one of the western conference finals. tony parker, 11 points spurs lead. tim hardaway used to do that here with the crossover from golden state. okc took the lead but the spurs outscored them by 10 in the fourth, 27 for the tim duncan. spurs win 122-105. the canadiens without the top goaltender terry price instead the rangers took advantage. houston scores. they win 3-1. rangers two wins
6:26 am
away from the first stanley cup final since 1994. the raiders claim little off wavers. a second round pick in 2011, he caught 155 passes in three seasons with the browns but was released last friday due to off the field issues. one other note. guess who. the warriors new head coach in town today. we'll have his reaction tonight at 6:00. have a great day. play of the day on your tuesday. a little major league baseball action. cincinnati and washington playing the nationals. the reds billy hamilton makes an unbelievable diving catch to prevent a likely game winning hit right there. the stretcher catcher right there. cincinnati went on to win in the 15th, 4-3 the final. that is your play of the day. 6:26. there probably won't be a glowing recommendation in her personnel file. the resignation letter that has
6:27 am
the town talking. >> reporter: an arsonist torches a car in east san jose almost catches a home on fire. little did he know it was caught on camera. we have the surveillance footage coming up in a live report. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. i'm mark kelly live in san leandro where an 18-year-old girl was struck and killed by a train last night. coming up, we just spoke with her family member moments ago. what they hope to do to remember their little girl. >> it could have been a tragedy. a plane from san francisco nearly collides with a plane taking off from new jersey.
6:31 am
what the ntsb investigation revealed. >> lots of clouds this morning, a few showers too, maybe a few thunderstorms unfortunately we'll talk about that coming up. >> and a couple of different accidents in the altamont pass has traffic backed up into tracy. a full look at your drive to work is coming up. good morning. tuesday, may 20. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:31. we begin this hour with some breaking news out of san jose. two cars torched and it's clear this was no accident. kpix 5's kiet do reports. >> reporter: good morning. let me show you some of the damage in front of this home in east san jose. the dark spot shows where the car used to be but police have taken the cars as evidence as this was a crime scene and they are now investigating it as an arson. i want to show you how closely this got to the house. look at the front of the garage there. the melted plastic could have been a major tragedy out here if it caught the house on fire but look above the garage and you see the surveillance camera ra that caught everything on video. we have that footage for you
6:32 am
now. it shows the arsonist creeping up on the right side of the screen trying to use those palm trees as cover. he is wearing a hoodie and it's dark. he thinks nobody cast see him but -- he thinks nobody can see him, but he is on a camera equipped with night vision. the arsonist empties a whole bottle of lighter fluid on the windshield of the homeowner's car and then uses an aerosol can with a lighter to start the blaze. it takes about almost half an hour for the car to be fully engulfed. the fire department got here and put it out before it spread to the house. the homeowner vince tran has this message for the arsonist. neighbors also called 911. >> just think about what you did and [ indiscernible ] compassionate or feeling, think about, you know, our family's safety. >> reporter: this is not the first time the family has been hit. back in november they were burglarized then in april and may vince had his tires punctured and paint dumped on
6:33 am
his car. that's why he got the surveillance camera. he think he knows who might have done it and told investigators but they are not saying who. live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. the homeowner says even though he has been the target of these crimes, several neighbors have been concerned enough to get their own security systems, as well. it is only tuesday and you have been talking about the weekend all morning long. >> the big holiday weekend. unofficial beginning to summer and i think the weather is going to be nice. but today kind of interesting outside. we have seen a couple of scattered light showers and the possibility of some thunderstorms today. our hi-def doppler radar has been tracking some of that moisture. you see it's widely scattered mainly over the mountaintops although we are seeing scattered light showers toward fremont. so be prepared. we might see a couple of raindrops from time to time. very interesting start to the morning outside. partly cloudy skies out over the bay. the temperatures generally in
6:34 am
the 50s. by the afternoon, i think a better chance of some isolated thunderstorms over the east bay today. you will see temperatures there in the 70s, a lot of 60s inside the bay and 50s and 60s very breezy out toward the coast. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. i mentioned those couple of earlier accidents. we had an accident and stall both approaching north flynn. so it sounds like now everything is clear at least off to the right-hand shoulder. that latest accident. but the delays begin in tracy around 11th street. so you can see on 205, all the way through the altamont pass, the delays are big. 21 minutes once you get to the wind turbines to 680 and slowdowns now on the eastshore freeway heading to the bay bridge. carquinez bridge to the maze nearly a half hour right now, about 26 minutes. looks like the heavens are opening up, amazing clouds this morning, heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up into the macarthur maze and high wind advisory is still in effect. there's developing news in the east bay. a teenager struck by a train
6:35 am
she may have never heard coming. kpix 5's mark kelly is in san leandro and mark, we hear you just talked to a member of the victim's family. >> reporter: we just spoke with the victim's stepfather. he says the family is hoping to set up some sort of meltial fund for brittney silva but the details aren't worked out yet. brittney silva was 18 years old 4.0 at san leandro high school and accepted into every college she applied to. we actually interviewed brittney and her mother just last month. they were both witnesses to an explosion near their home. they live in this neighborhood near the tracks that eventually killed her. her little mom--"britney was gorgeous. whole world is going to kiss her. she had world in palm her hands." mark live britney's moms sa she always told her daughte not we she could pa >> you know what an amazing person brittney was. [ crying ] >> reporter: just hours after a train hit and killed 18-year- old brittney silva, loved ones came out to remember this lost life. brittney's mom found her daughter's sandal and crushed found phone at the scene. >> she wasn't ready to leave me. she loved her mama.
6:36 am
>> oh, she did. she did. >> she talked about me all the time to her friends. she loved mom. >> reporter: san leandro police say the witnesses saw brittney on hesperian boulevard yesterday evening. one man yelled and warned her of the approaching train but police say she couldn't hear because she had on headphones. the family said brittney knew the train crossing well. >> we lived right there next door for over a year. and i thought she would be more familiar than that. >> i can't believe she did that. >> reporter: by the time police arrived, they tell us that she was already dead. brittney's body found about 50 yards away from where she was hit by the train. kpix 5 interviewed brittney just last month when she and her mother witnessed the aftermath of an explosion at a homeless camp near their home. >> she was like this. she couldn't touch anything. it was all on her back. so horrible. >> reporter: now her mother must continue on without her
6:37 am
little girl. >> brittney was gorgeous. the whole world is going to miss her. she had the world in the palm of her hand. >> reporter: her mother also said she always warned her daughter to only wear the in one ear so she could be aware of her surroundings. she was worried about her getting mugged in this neighborhood. she never thought she would be struck and killed by a train in the same neighborhood. live in san leandro, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> no other injuries were reported. police said the railroad crossing arms were functioning properly at the time of the collision. when it comes to letters of resignation this is in a category of its own. kpix 5's andria borba has the story of a scathing farewell from the city clerk of pleasant hill. >> reporter: her name is on the directly of the lobby but her seat was filled by someone else. after months of city hall back biting she wrote a riggs to
6:38 am
mayor jim flaherty and city manager jim catalano resigning. the first paragraph is standard. the second is a rage-filled runnion. this has been an incredibly depressing and mind numbing inane experience i would not wish on anyone. best of luck in finding some schmuck eager to transcribe every last misogynistic joke, self indulgent anecdote and pathetic pandering attempt by council. >> i have been encouraging her to resign for four months. she made it clear she would never resign so i was pleased to receive it despite the tone. >> reporter: it doesn't end there. the takedown of council and citizens continues with some phrases we wouldn't say on a newscast. kim told this to ann notarangelo earlier this year. >> reporter: how would you evaluate your performance thus far? >> so i'm going to take total ownership for the fact that this work hasn't been completed in a timely fashion. >> reporter: as or the resignation letter only johnny paycheck could be proud of, the city council member says if he
6:39 am
were kim's new d.c. employer -- >> i would fire her on the spot. >> reporter: in pleasant hill, andria borba, kpix 5. >> lehmkuhl had been the target of a recall effort. the city council now has 60 days to either appoint a replacement or call a special election. an upcoming ballot measure calls for the city clerk's job to be changed from an elected position to an appointed position. new this morning, we are learning that two passenger planes nearly collided last month on the east coast. air traffic controllers in newark, new jersey told a united flight from san francisco to aboard its landing. >> 12 am 43 go around. traffic off the left departing. >> that plane came close to hitting an express jet flight taking off from memphis. the two aircraft were about 200 feet apart laterally, 400 feet vertically. the planes were carrying more than 200 people. investigators from the ntsb are now calling this a near midair collision. they are trying to figure out how it happened. sacred heart cathedral prep in san francisco says taxiways
6:40 am
a mistake to leave a graduating senior's photo out of the yearbook. school officials are apologizing for saying jessica urbina could not put a photo in the year back because she is wearing a tux a violation of the school's dress code. other students rallied to her defense on social media and by wearing ties to school. the school offered to reprint the yearbook but jessica's family turned that down so other students won't have to wait to get their copies. 6:40. it is one of the area's biggest tourist attractions but lombard street may soon be off limits to visitors. why the crooked section could shut down several weekends a year coming up. >> added to the list along with tree-sitter twitter, facebook and instant messaging the latest high-tech way to talk with friends and family next. >> the market just opened. it's a down day so far out of the gate. down 35 plus. we'll check in with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks coming up. >> low pressure spinning overhead whipping winds but the
6:41 am
pollen count staying down continuing lower through tomorrow and then a slow rise right into the holiday weekend. we'll have more news and weather when we come back. ,,,,,, and then cover the papi.
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york. good morning. ah time now for a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. gayle king joins us from new york. good morning. >> reporter: i have it for you, hey, michelle and frank, ahead, chinese hackers accused of stealing secrets from american companies, cia insider mike morrell joins us with why it's controversial to go after china and the fallout the u.s. could face. plus, drones are now in use to save animals. how the world wildlife fund says new technology can stop poachers in africa. and from pretty woman, you know the song, to only the lonely,
6:45 am
roy orbison is considered one of the great voices of rock and roll. how his three sons are joining him for a never before heard song 25 years after the singer's death. it's very cool stuff. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. and i know you guys recognize the song pretty woman. >> oh, yeah. kind of like natalie cole and nat king cole when they did "unforgettable." >> reporter: i lik it when they do that, nicely done. >> show starts at 7:00. the united states is going after foreign accounts where americans hide money from the irs. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. an awfully bic fine for credit suisse the second largest bank in switzerland agreeing to criminal charges here in the u.s. that it helped wealthy americans hide their cash overseas so they could evade taxes. the $2.6 billion fine is the largest ever in a criminal tax case. the justice department says this case went back decades and
6:46 am
that even after notifying credit suisse of the investigation in 2010, the bank still went ahead and destroyed records trying to obscure that paper trail. the stock market this morning focused on retailers after several big changes reported earnings for the 1st quarter and there's some disparaging remarks for those companies out there. dick's and staples' shares are diving this morning. so far, off to a slow start. the dow lower by about 50 points. nasdaq down 14. s&p off 4. dick's down by 15%. staples lower by more than 10%. michelle and frank, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. happening today, a vote regarding the street touted as the crookedest in the world. it may soon be off limits to visitors that it attracts here in san francisco. it's thinking of closing the crooked section of lombard street to cars for a few weekends over the summer. the goal here, of course to cut
6:47 am
down on traffic. if the four-week trial period is approved for weekends, it starts june 21. so if you have friends coming to town, walk down the street, take pictures or go during the week. >> sometimes you're driving through russian hill and you hit lombard, oh, should have gone the other way. a car is leaking fluid so turns out that's what's taking so long 20 clear in petaluma southbound 101 approaching petaluma boulevard south. we also have some bad news for commuters, there's a head-on collision and they have shut down patterson pass road at crossroad, this is the latest tweet from kcbs so close to greenville and cross westbound and eastbound patterson pass remains shut down. in the meantime we have seen a series of different accidents through the altamont pass, so it's delayed from tracy this
6:48 am
morning. a new one just came in. most of them are around that north flynn exit. that's why the sensors are showing red in the area. the other two earlier problems have been cleared. first reports of a new one coming in. we still have wind advisories in effect for just about every bridge most of them anyway including the benicia and the carquinez bridge and this one for the bay bridge as well. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." lawrence has his hi-def doppler out. you know what that means. >> hi-def doppler radar picking up on rain outside. let's take you in for a closer look. you can see some of that into the south bay over the santa cruz mountains. reports of some showers in toward fremont. so this is very light and very widely scattered. this is what we expect to see throughout the day today. not a washout but be prepared. you have a chance of scattered light showers maybe even an isolated thunderstorm going to be a very interesting day ahead. after today, things begin to settle down and then some much warmer weather as we look toward the holiday weekend. but right now, the core of the low is spinning right across
6:49 am
the bay area. the sierra nevada is already getting snow. we have winter weather advisories up toward yosemite, kings canyon, as we'll see up to 3" of snow there maybe snow into lake tahoe. winds kicking up, breezy especially along the coastline today, about 64 in the monterey bay. possibility of thunderstorms especially into the central valley. i think even a chance of thunderstorms into the east bay hills. throughout the day we'll see that area of low pressure beginning to slide to the house and by tomorrow it moves out replaced by low clouds and fog and calmer weather. temperatures today will be cool toward the coast. 50s and 60s there. some 60s inside the bay and 70s in the valleys. next couple of days return to some dry and sunny weather. and much warmer temperatures, in fact, this holiday weekend, looking spectacular all the way to the coastline. back to you. >> thank you. all right. from land lines to cell phones to voice technology, cnet editor-at-large brian cooley takes a look at the latest wave
6:50 am
of communications. >> reporter: when was the last time you made a cell phone call where it sounded good? not compared to a land line. we don't use a lot of land lines these days but they are trying to make them sound more like a land line so a technology called hd voice is coming to market. in fact, this week, at&t will be launching their first phone that uses this new voice technology. what this hd voice or voiceover lte as they call it does is it takes and puts calls for the first time on 4-g. a lot of us have 4-g network phones but what you may not know is that's only used for data. your voice calls still move over the older style networks. this is the first time the calls go to 4-g. it will capture 7 octaves of the human voice versus about 4 that phones carry today. that may not mean anything to you but it means more highs and more lows which is the nuance that allows your voice to come through clearly and for little settle things to be heard. -- subtle things to be heard so
6:51 am
you can tell an s from an f. how many times have been on the phone from a customer service place and you have to tell them every letter and they can't tell you what said. this is a big improvement. also, we are going to find that they are going to require to you get a new phone to do this. >> oh, of course. >> there's the catch. >> reporter: here's the gotcha. so at&t as i mentioned is rolling theirs out this friday with their first phone that will work on this new network technology. finally t-mobile came out in january, at&t, sprint coming out in july. verizon last i checked is still sort of a sometime this year. >> so you have to get a new smartphone but the one you're calling has to get a new one? >> to benefit they have to be new kinds of phones that know how to recognize this new ability on the network and by the way, a lot of our own viewers use skype which is voice over internet technology. thinks basically doing skype. not literally the skype software but it's turning your voice into internet streaming and sending it over the data network. they are just moving it automatically into cell phones.
6:52 am
>> is it the carrier itself or like iphone -- >> the carriers where the technology is being implemented and then you have to see the new phones roll out. very few phones have it. that's why at&t is rolling out just their first. the others have just a few phones that do this. we'll look to see when the new iphone comes out if it has it that. won't just be popular. it hyenas popularize the requested because apple has a way of making a technology very acceptable, desired and mainstreamed. >> all right, brian. cool. thank you. time now is 6:52. a sonoma county mom is charged with assault after confronting a boy she thought was bullying her daughter. the reason she gave for the attack coming up. >> reporter: and an arsonist torches a car in a driveway in east san jose nearly catches the house on fire. little did he know the whole thing was caught on camera. and we have the footage. we have a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hold key primary elections today.. setting the stage f fierce midterm e fiat the :55. six states will hold key primary elections today setting the stage for a fierce midterm election which will determine which party controls the senate in the fall. oregon, pennsylvania, arkansas, georgia and idaho are also holding primaries today. santa clara county supervisors will consider measures to strengthen the county's living wage policy. the revision would not only emphasize wages but paid leave, benefits and hours, as well. the standards would benefit all county employees as well as contractors and anyone working for companies that have contracts with the county. a sonoma county woman is currently free on bail but stands accused of assaulting a boy she says was bullying her daughter. delia garcia-bratcher also known as betty went to olivet elementary school at lunchtime friday. she said the boy harassed her daughter and use a racial slur.
6:57 am
the plane taking off from newark liberty international airport while another from san francisco was landing when they almost crashed into each other on april 24. the national transportation safety board calling the incident a near midair collision. the plane were reportedly 200 feet apart laterally and 400 feet apart vertically. 18-year-old brittney silva was struck and killed by an amtrak train near her home in san leandro yesterday afternoon. police think the high school senior failed to hear the train or warning from witnesses because of her earbuds. i'm kiet do live in east san jose at the scene of an arson fire near tully and quimby on sandpoint drive. at 2:30 this morning, arsonist set two cars on fire. you can see it almost set the house on fire. there is minor damage to the garage. we have surveillance video of the whole thing showing an arsonist creeping up on the car while trying to hide among the trees. he leans over wearing a hoodie, it's dark, thinking nobody can see him but he is on camera
6:58 am
equipped with night vision. he dumps a bottle of lighter fluid on the windshield of the homeowner's car and uses an aerosol can and lighter to start the blaze. it takes that minutes for the car to be fundamentally engulfed. the -- it takes 25 minutes for the carton fully engulfed and the fire department put it out. this is not the first time that the family has been hit. they were burglarized back in november and had some incidents of tire puncturing and paint dumped on vince tran's car so he got surveillance cameras. this is a crime scene. san jose police think they know who did it. live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. and checking road conditions, your "kcbs traffic" better news for petaluma commuters now all lanes back open on southbound 101 approaching petaluma boulevard south. and out to the bay bridge, once again it's still stacked up into the macarthur maze. a high wind advisory is also in
6:59 am
effect for chp. and again the metering lights turned on shortly before 6:00. we have also got some caltrain delays for northbound train 207. everything else is on time. could be a very interesting day out there today. our hi-def doppler radar is scanning your skies. guess what. we are seeing a few scattered light showers mainly over the santa cruz mountains toward fremont northern parts of the san jose state university area so we'll see a chance of isolated showers a few clouds making their way across the bay temperatures generally in the 50s. toward the afternoon slight chance of thunderstorms over the east bay hills. breezy at the coast. a lot of sunshine much warmer weather toward the holiday. >> thank you. >> you know our morning team grew over the weekend? >> yeah. >> someone brought a new little baby into the world. >> really? >> there he is! it's george! tell us about george. >> we picked up george on sunday. george turns 9 weeks old on friday. so yeah, we learned this morning he hates blow dryers. [ laughter ]
7:00 am
>> okay. >> he lost your carpet, reit? >> he loves our carpet a lot. [ laughter ] >> have a good one. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, may 20th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." cbs news talked with boko haram, what the terror group tells debora patta about the fate of more than 200 kidnapped school girls. another airline disaster narrowly averted, this time at one of america's busiest airports. plus, the new mission for drones, saving wildlife from poachers. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> today's primary the will shape the ballots for critical contests come november. primary voters head to the polls in six states. >> we're all watching kentucky. >> a big win for senate minority ad